Not Really a Bucket List But Kinda, Part I

  • Salsa lessons
  • Going blonde
  • Catching a fish
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Getting comfortable with talking to the press
  • Boxing lessons
  • Aerial dancing or aerial yoga
  • Trying quinoa
  • Getting a “perfect workout” score at the gym
  • Not hating Mother’s Day
  • Playing with a rock band
  • Drafting state legislation that gets made into law
  • Making my garden productive year-round
  • Being less scared
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One Response to Not Really a Bucket List But Kinda, Part I

  1. Dara says:

    I can help you with a few of these. Salsa lessons? Let’s do line dancing first. If we don’t get hurt, we’ll do salsa. If you go blonde, I’ll go purple. Catching a fish? Honey, I’ve seen you in fishing duds. Close enough. Check. Talking with the press? Don’t worry about their questions. Use your favorite soundbites and you’re good. Trust me. Quinoa? I already snuck it into your queso. Check. Perfect workout? Plug in your earbuds and stop when you feel like you’ve done something. Everything else? I may need YOUR help.

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